My Music Room


My Music Room
A place for knowledge and enjoyment!

We, at My Music Room firmly believe that we are able to provide a learning opportunity to elevate and promote the learning of music, to turn that once upon a time dream into a reality.

Here, we believe that music is for all and all are able to reap from the benefits of it. We pride ourselves on our passion for music and the dedication in our teaching. Coupled with fine credentials and a strong desire to excel, we seek to nurture and to bring out the best in every student who comes through My Music Room.

Music is an enjoyment of various sounds and harmony put together; it transcend words and crosses boundaries, it is all around us. Therefore, we, at My Music Room hope to ignite this ember of sound and joy in you, to stimulate and to awaken your heart and mind to a greater level of musical appreciation and enjoyment.

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